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In-house MRI services—another way Campbell Clinic makes your treatment more convenient.

Why does Campbell Clinic have its own MRI?
Like everything we do at Campbell Clinic, the decision to install an MRI was based on two factors – an elevated level of care and convenience for the patient.

By having our own MRI, we better manage the patient experience. We set the schedule, we run the tests, and we house the machine. So if a patient requires an MRI, we can immediately set the appointment, get results back faster, and make sure our patients are always at ease.

In addition, our MRI is absolutely state-of-the-art. Because of that, the images will be of the highest caliber, our diagnosis will be acutely accurate, and our recommended treatment will be most effective.

And finally, because the equipment is housed in an already familiar environment, our patients will be more comfortable and relaxed during their appointment.

It’s simply more proof of the unsurpassed level of care found at Campbell Clinic.

The following are a few details on our MRI service.

  • Two locations: 1400 South Germantown Road (Campbell Clinic Germantown) and 1211 Union Avenue (Campbell Clinic Medical Center)
  • Siemens 1.0 Tesla Magnet
  • Private entrances into both Diagnostic Suites
  • Reserved parking
  • Spacious suites with exterior windows
  • Monday through Friday with extended hours available

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