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Physical Therapy Research

Campbell Clinic Physical Therapy is currently involved in a research study to determine the efficacy of eccentric training for insertional Achilles tendonosis.

Research Objective – To determine if eccentric training of the Achilles tendon is an efective means of treating insertional Achilles tendinosis.

Research Hypothesis – The patients who are treated with eccentric training will have larger returns to function and larger decreases in pain than the patients who are treated without the eccentric training.

Research Design – The proposed research uses a blinded experimental design to explore the effectiveness of eccentric training for insertional Achilles tendinosis. The research involves two groups of patients who will undergo physical thearpy intervention for a duration of 12 weeks. The control group will be treated by conventional means of physical therapy whereas the experimental group will perform eccentric training to the Achilles tendon in addition to following all the treatment given to the control group. The data at baseline and follow-up will be collected by physicians and their assistants, who will be blinded as to which protocol the patients are following.

Research Outcomes – Successful treatment outcome is comprised of more than one component, including improved functional ability and decreased pain. Changes in functional ability will be measured by the Short Form Health Survey (SF-36) and the Foot Ankle Outcomes Questionnaire (FAOQ). Changes in pain will be measured by using a Visual Analog Scale (VAS). Client satisfaction with the treatment will be obtained by patients marking on a 0 to 100% line their level of satisfaction with the outcome.

Time Frame – The research proposal was submitted in August/September 2007 to IRB for approval prior to data collection.

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