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“Innovation: Think Outside The Box” with Dr. Chad Campion

As the only spine surgeon doing endoscopic surgery in Memphis, Dr. Chad Campion understands the value of innovation. In this episode, he shares his perspective on the ingredients that make Campbell Clinic so unique. He also talks about some of the most important things patients need to know about advancements in spine surgery, the benefits of endoscopic surgery, and other options for treating back and neck pain.  

Episode Recap:

  • Today we’re talking with Campbell Clinic spine surgeon Dr. Chad Campion (1:23)
  • What responsibility do surgeons have to their patients? (2:23)
  • What might people take for granted about Campbell Clinic? (5:10)
  • Can you talk about some of the latest innovations in spine surgery? (7:05)
  • What is endoscopic surgery, and why is it so beneficial? (11:39)
  • How have you learned to make patients feel comfortable? (17:54)
  • What do patients need to know about the pace of innovation? (20:53)
  • Who might be a good candidate for endoscopic surgery? (27:50)
  • Why is it important to know that surgery isn’t the first option? (30:30)
  • Can you share an inspiring patient story? (32:24)

Links and Resources:

Campbell Clinic

Campbell’s Operative Orthopaedics Textbook

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