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Campbell Clinic is a leader in orthopedic medicine and innovation. That’s why our Spine Center was opened exclusively to treat back pain, injuries, and rehabilitation for our patients. With advanced treatments and exceptional care, our patients turn to us for back issues of all degrees of severity. Performing restorative surgeries to recurring treatments, our skilled physicians bring relief to patients with exceptional care.

Fractures in your vertebrae can be extremely painful and make movement much more difficult. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence with osteoporosis and cancer. Managing a debilitating disease is hard enough without adding constant spinal pain on top of it. Kyphoplasty can help relieve these symptoms.

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Before we can treat spine issues, we need to find the underlying cause. This can be any number of issues, from small muscle spasms to larger spinal disorders. Our team has the expertise and care you need to find out exactly what’s wrong and create a plan to make it better.

What we look for

Treating back pain

We help patients across the Memphis area find the right course for improving mobility and reducing back pain. Sometimes this requires spinal surgery, and when it does, there’s no other team that offers our skill and specialized knowledge. See how we treat spinal issues.

How we treat you

Recovery from Spine Surgery

Correcting spinal issues is only part of the journey. Getting to a life with minimized back pain means recovering in the right way. We offer physical therapy to help recovering patients, as well as providing in-depth plans to help them heal as quickly and fully as possible at home. Find out how you can improve your recovery at home.

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