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“The Care Every Athlete Deserves” with Dr. David Bernholt

As athletes continue to get bigger, faster, and stronger, it’s more important than ever to make high-quality orthopaedic care accessible to those who need it. In this episode, Dr. David Bernholt shares his perspective on some of the most common sports injuries, the latest innovations in treatment, and the importance of evidence-based care. He also offers advice to parents of young athletes who want to help keep their children safe. Dr. Bernholt is a sports medicine surgeon and a former collegiate athlete with a specialization in complex knee trauma.

Episode Recap:

  • Today we’re talking with Dr. David Bernholt, a sports medicine surgeon at Campbell Clinic (1:27)
  • What are some types of complex knee trauma you see in your work? (2:25)
  • Can you tell us about the injuries you often see on the sideline? (4:12)
  • How is Campbell Clinic helping athletes of all levels access the best care? (7:14)
  • What do parents of young athletes need to know? (15:40)
  • What are some common injuries you see in volleyball and soccer? (18:45)
  • What is evidence-based care and why does it matter? (21:14)
  • How do you stay ready for anything? (26:33)
  • Where do you think sports medicine is headed next? (28:44)

Links and Resources:

Campbell Clinic

Campbell’s Operative Orthopaedics Textbook

Dr. David Bernholt

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