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“What Drove You To Leadership?” with Drs. Kelly, Beaty & Sucato

What happens when you reach a point in your career where you want a new challenge? For Drs. Daniel Sucato, James Beaty, and Derek Kelly, leadership opportunities gave them the chance to mentor other doctors and pursue new experiences. In this episode, we share a panel discussion between Dr. Sucato — chief of staff and director of the Scottish Rite for Children Hospital in Dallas — and Campbell Clinic’s own Drs. Beaty and Kelly. They discuss their career trajectories so far, share advice for finding a mentor or a mentee, explain why research is so important to them, and share leadership lessons they’ve learned throughout their careers.

Episode Recap:

  • Today we’re talking with Drs. Kelly, Beaty, and Sucato about all things leadership and orthopaedics (1:13)
  • Can you tell us about the trajectory that led you to Scottish Rite? (3:01)
  • How do you know when it’s time for a new challenge? (5:43)
  • What does mentorship mean to you, and how can people find it? (8:30)
  • Why is research on complications so important to you? (14:57)
  • What was your favorite pediatric orthopaedic procedure? (21:41)
  • What is the biggest problem you want to see solved in ten years? (25:43)
  • How do humor and storytelling show up in your leadership? (26:39)
  • How has music benefited your life and work? (32:16)
  • What does family mean to you?(36:25)

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