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“Your Education Doesn’t Stop When Your Training Ends” with Dr. Joseph Lamplot

Part of an orthopaedic surgeon’s job is to stay committed to learning throughout their career, and Campbell Clinic is an excellent place to do that. In this episode, Dr. Joseph Lamplot discusses the important balance between pursuing new innovations and prioritizing evidence-based treatments that put the patient first. As an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, Dr. Lamplot also shares some valuable advice for parents of young athletes and for adults looking to prevent or recover from injuries. 

Episode Recap:

  • Today we’re talking with Dr. Joseph Lamplot, an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine (1:14)
  • What does it look like to do orthopaedics “the right way?” (2:18)
  • What changes are you most excited about in the field today? (4:35)
  • How does treatment change depending on who you’re working with? (5:46)
  • Can you share some advice for parents of young athletes? (11:59)
  • What sets Campbell Clinic apart from other facilities? (16:12)
  • What’s fulfilling about working in orthopaedics? (22:07)
  • What should adults keep in mind for taking care of their bodies? (24:32)

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