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What is partial knee replacement?

Partial knee replacement utilizes a minimally invasive approach (employing a smaller incision and less disruption) when compared to traditional total knee replacements. During a total knee replacement, patients have all cartilage in the knee removed and replaced by metal or plastic components. In a partial replacement, only the most damaged elements in your knee are removed and replaced by metal or plastic components. The healthy, functional elements of the joint are left remaining intact.


How do we determine if you are a candidate for a partial knee replacement?

Total and partial knee replacements are designed for people with severe arthritis who have failed conservative treatments that may include pain medication, local injections, exercise modification, weight loss or physical therapy and rehabilitation.

A Campbell Clinic orthopaedic surgeon will conduct the following steps to determine if partial knee replacement is right for you:

  • Review your medical history and evaluate previous methods of treatment
  • Perform a physical examination to determine the severity of your knee’s deterioration
  • Study your X-rays

Dependent on these factors, the surgeon will determine if your are a candidate for a partial knee replacement.


Why choose a partial knee replacement?

Many people have knees that only have arthritis in one part of their knee. Therefore, the whole knee does not need to be replaced. In most cases, partial knee patients recover faster, have less pain, require less postoperative rehab and have a more normal-feeling knee after the procedure.

Through advances in pain control, technology and specialized medical staff, partial knee replacement at Campbell Clinic Surgery Center has been performed successfully in an outpatient setting for nearly a decade! Outpatient surgery often allows patients to go home faster and get back on the road to recovery sooner than they might in a hospital.

While not all patients are candidates for partial knee replacement, it is a very desirable option for individuals who meet the necessary criteria. Campbell Clinic surgeons also perform total knee replacements, and those have favorable outcomes, as well. It’s important to consult with one of our physicians to determine the right approach for you.

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