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Kevin B. Cleveland, M.D.
John R. Crockarell, M.D.
Gregory D. Dabov, M.D.
Marcus C. Ford, M.D.
James L. Guyton, M.D.
James W. Harkess, M.D.
Robert K. Heck, M.D.
Marc J. Mihalko, M.D.
William M. Mihalko, M.D.
Patrick C Toy, M.D.


What is total joint replacement?

“Total joint replacement” includes multiple surgeries that replace damaged joints with metal, plastic and ceramic parts.  The goal of joint replacement is to ease pain and restore motion to knees, hips and other joints injured by trauma, arthritis or wear and tear associated with age. Our specialists who have trained at the premier joint replacement centers across the country, including the Campbell Clinic, offer the most advanced joint replacement techniques and treatments available.

During a total or partial joint replacement, some or all of the damaged parts in your affected joint will be surgically removed and replaced with new artificial components. Advances in technology continue to improve not only the patient experience during these procedures but, ultimately, the outcomes for patients and the life spans of the implanted devices.  Advances in pain management around surgery, termed “Perioperative Analgesia”, have greatly improved the patient experience by cutting off pain before it happens and minimizing the need for strong narcotics.  Rapid mobilization techniques have minimized the risks of surgery including stiffness and even the incidence of rare blood clots.

What to consider before total joint replacement 

Your physician will begin the process by evaluating your medical history and X-ray images, reviewing your symptoms, discussing your goals and evaluating the progression of the condition that causes your pain and limitations. Conservative treatment options, including physical therapy, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, localized injections and behavior or weight modification may be recommended prior to considering surgery.  Before total joint replacement can be recommended, you must be in acceptable medical condition to undergo surgery including your heart, weight, smoking status and blood sugar control.  If needed, appropriate consultation can be sought within the Memphis medical community to accomplish medical optimization.  We begin the total joint experience with a physical therapy evaluation call “Total Joint Prehab” where patients are evaluated preoperatively, instructed in the exercises to be used postoperatively and your primary care giver can be engaged and educated in the process.

Where to receive a total joint replacement 

Historically, total joint replacement has been performed in the hospital setting.  At the Campbell Clinic, we have have been one of the pioneers in the development of outpatient total joint replacement both locally and nationally.  We have the largest, highly credentialed team of total joint replacement surgeons in the region and offer same-day, outpatient total joint replacement. This procedure enables patients to have their joint replacement in a comfortable, quiet surgery center. Upon completion of the procedure, the patient is able to go home where he or she can begin recovery in a familiar environment supported by family and friends. Patients who have their joints replaced in this setting rate their surgical experience highly and enjoy very positive outcomes after surgery. Some of the documented benefits of outpatient surgery include a lower risk of most complications and an improved attitude and mindset during recovery.

We also perform total joint replacement surgery at several area hospitals accepting nearly all insurance plans within each of the hospital systems. Outcomes in these facilities are also very positive, and pending the release from their surgeons, patients may go home in a day or two.  With our improved pain management and rapid mobilization, it is rare for even an elderly patient to require inpatient rehabilitation postoperatively.  We have an experienced Case Management Team, separate from hospital case management, that will contact you if you are to be treated in the hospital and anticipate your needs for postoperative therapy and home assistance.  You will have the assurance of 24-hour access to our medical system to keep you safe and comfortable through your recovery.


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