Total Ankle Replacement

Campbell Clinic has performed major surgical procedures on the foot and ankle, including total ankle replacement and ankle fusions, in its outpatient surgery center for more than three years.

When these procedures are performed in a hospital setting, a patient typically requires a two or three night stay in the facility. A Campbell Clinic surgery center enables patients to go home on the same day of their surgery, and outpatient ankle surgery often allows for better pain management for the patient.

Is Total Ankle Replacement Right for Me?

Patients who experience significant pain in their ankles along with limited mobility who do not respond to conservative treatment may consult their surgeons and consider total ankle replacement. Physical therapy, activity modification, diet and weight management, and anti-inflammatory medication may help patients manage pain without the need for surgery. For all other patients, surgery may be a viable option.

During a total ankle replacement, the ankle is approached from the front or side by the surgeon, and metal and plastic components that re-create the ankle joint are implanted. Some patients may also need to have their calf muscles or Achilles tendons lengthened to improve range of motion after the surgery, if those parts of the ankles or legs are tight. After the wounds are closed, a patient’s foot and ankle are typically immobilized for a period of time after the surgery to allow the joint to heal. The patient is not able to bear weight during this time.

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