It’s Game Time — The Anthony Miller Story

Anthony Miller - Memphis All-American football player.

The scouts ignored him. Rivals underestimated him. But like any good Memphian, Anthony Miller showed that grit can get you far. He’s consistently shattered expectations, from freshman walk-on to consensus All-American. And this year, Anthony is one of the top wide receivers to watch in the NFL draft.

The road to the NFL wasn’t easy. A significant injury at the end of his college career seemed to put Anthony’s future in jeopardy. That’s when he worked with the team at Campbell Clinic.

With an unshakeable drive and the best orthopaedic care in the Mid-South, Anthony Miller continues to show the world that nothing will stand in the way of his success.


Episode 1:

The Beginning

Episode 1: The Beginning

Episode 2:

The All-American

Episode 3:

The Injury

Episode 4:

The Future

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