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“Driving Forward Longevity and Long Term Outcomes” with Dr. Christopher Holland

As the demand for total joint replacement surgeries increases, it’s more important than ever to prioritize education and collaboration. In this episode, joint replacement specialist Dr. Christopher Holland shares his perspective on the past, present, and future of joint replacements and compares orthopaedics in the U.S. and abroad. He also talks about the characteristics that make Campbell Clinic so unique, from its commitment to collaboration to the access it provides patients across a wide geographical region. 

Episode Recap:

  • Today we’re talking with Dr. Christopher Holland, who specializes in total joint replacement (1:22)
  • Can you tell us about the history of hip and knee replacements? (3:32)
  • How can joint replacement specialists work to avoid errors? (10:46)
  • How do you balance knowing your craft well with listening to patients? (15:51)
  • What makes the Campbell Clinic’s approach to joint replacement unique? (17:40)
  • How does obesity impact joint replacement surgeries? (26:08)
  • Are there enough orthopaedic surgeons to meet the demand? (31:07)
  • Why is global collaboration so important? (35:11)
  • How does quality of materials impact joint replacements? (36:44)
  • What are you most excited about today? (38:17)

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Campbell Clinic

Campbell’s Operative Orthopaedics Textbook

Dr. Christopher Holland

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