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“The Harm Of Early Sports Specialization” with Dr. John Hyden

Whether they’re a weekend warrior or an NBA player, athletes of all levels can access high-quality treatment from the primary care sports medicine team at Campbell Clinic. In this episode, Dr. John Hyden shares his experience with building this team from the ground up and investing in the future of sports medicine. He also discusses some of the most pressing issues in sports medicine today, including the prevalence of concussions, the dangers of specialization for young athletes, and the evolution of ultrasound technology. 

Episode Recap:

  • Today we’re talking with Campbell Clinic’s first primary care sports medicine doctor, Dr. John Hyden (1:08)
  • What is primary care sports medicine? (1:59)
  • How has Campbell Clinic invested in the future of sports medicine? (6:25)
  • How does your specialty benefit the community? (11:03)
  • How do you prioritize the patient when working with professional athletes? (15:58)
  • Can you share your approach to treating athletes at all levels? (20:26)
  • What are ultrasounds used for in orthopaedics? (23:29)
  • Why is concussion awareness so important? (25:46)
  • What are the dangers of early sports specialization? (30:38)
  • How has collaboration benefited your specialty? (36:33)

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Campbell’s Operative Orthopaedics Textbook

Dr. John C. Hyden

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