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“The Impact of Doubling Down On Your Speciality” with Dr. David Richardson

The Campbell Clinic team understands the importance of constantly innovating while also remembering the past. In this episode, we talk with Dr. David Richardson, an orthopaedic surgeon who exemplifies these ideals. Dr. Richardson shares his unique perspective of watching his father work at Campbell Clinic and eventually deciding to follow in his footsteps to specialize in foot and ankle surgery. He explains why foot and ankle care are so important and shares practical tips for parents, runners, and other athletes. He also talks about the latest innovations he’s most excited about in his specialty.

Episode Recap:

  • Today we’re talking with Dr. David Richardson, an orthopaedic surgeon at Campbell Clinic (1:55)
  • Why is empathy so important for surgeons and support staff alike? (3:32)
  • Can you tell us about your family’s history with Campbell Clinic? (8:16)
  • How does Campbell Clinic benefit the broader community? (12:12)
  • Why is foot and ankle such a complicated, important specialty? (15:24)
  • What makes Campbell Clinic’s approach to innovation so unique? (22:13)
  • Can you share some insight for parents about caring for active kids? (28:34)
  • How has being a runner helped you connect to your patients (32:42)
  • Why are conditioning and equipment so important for foot and ankle health? (36:20)
  • What innovations are you most excited about in your specialty? (40:12)

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