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How Scoliosis Occurs

Scoliosis is a relatively common pediatric spine condition. While it is note preventable, it is treatable. All children and adults have natural front-to-back curves in their spines, which help promote balance, alignment and stability. Side-to-side curvatures, however, are not normal and may affect the quality of life for a child with this condition. Scoliosis is a term used when describing spines that have abnormal side-to-side curves. Pediatric scoliosis may also cause a rotation or twisting of the abnormal curvatures, as well. The condition is defined by an abnormal three-dimensional curvature of the spine associated with lateral (side-to-side) curvature. To access a Memphis scoliosis doctor visit Campbell Clinic.

How is pediatric scoliosis treated

In mild cases, simple observation or bracing may help correct the curvature without the need for surgical intervention. If surgery is necessary, your child is in the best hands in the Mid-South with the Campbell Clinic scoliosis team. We have an extensive group of physicians and physical therapists who employ innovative solutions to treat and correct spine conditions like scoliosis. These options include VEPTR®, MAGEC®, vertebral body tethering, and Apifix Surgery. Campbell Clinic is the only group in Memphis offering these types of surgical options to treat pediatric scoliosis.

A majority of scoliosis patients are able to return to an active, healthy lifestyle after completion of their treatment.

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