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What You Need to Know About Pediatric Scoliosis Treatment

February 6, 2020

The spine is made up of a stack of rectangular-shaped building blocks called vertebrae. Normally, when you look at a child’s back, the spine appears straight. However, a spine affected by scoliosis appears curved – giving the appearance that the child is leaning to one side. This sideways curvature of the spine often occurs during […]

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Benefits of Furthering Education through ABC Fellowship

September 19, 2019

In the world of pediatric orthopaedics, it’s crucial to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. At Campbell Clinic, we encourage our surgeons to continue furthering their education. Dr. Derek Kelly shares his journey through the ABC Fellowship and how it has benefitted his patients in Collierville. 

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Campbell Clinic Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon Chosen for ABC Travel Fellowship

September 6, 2019

At Campbell Clinic, we have the only team of pediatric orthopaedic surgeons in the Memphis and Mid-South region. Meet Dr. Derek Kelly, pediatric orthopaedic surgeon. He was chosen as one of seven orthopaedic surgeons nationwide by the American Orthopaedic Association to participate in the American-British-Canadian Travel Fellowship, touring Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  Learn […]

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Playground Safety: How You Can Prevent Injuries

August 22, 2019

As back-to-school season hits and you race to the park to soak up the last days of summer, it’s important to know how you can keep your kids safe on the playground. Each year, more than 200,000 kids are treated in hospital emergency rooms for playground-related injuries. Faulty equipment, rough surfaces and reckless behavior can […]

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Juvenile Arthritis: What You Should Know

July 18, 2019

Juvenile Arthritis (JA) is an umbrella term used to describe the many autoimmune and inflammatory conditions that can develop in children under the age of 16, and it affects nearly 300,000 children in the United States. Although the various types of JA share similar symptoms, like joint swelling, pain, redness and warmth, each one is […]

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Common Baseball Injuries and How to Prevent Them

April 25, 2019

As April comes to a close, we are in the thick of baseball, softball, and t-ball season. Kids and adults alike are headed to their local diamond in hopes of hitting a home run – or at least making it on base. While time at the ballpark can be fun for the whole family, injuries […]

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Pediatric Orthopaedics: Childhood Fractures

January 31, 2019

Did you know that distal radius fractures are the most common type of fractures in children? This injury usually results from a simple fall and ends with a broken wrist. From childhood sports to playing on the school playground, it’s easy for injuries to occur in adolescence. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the […]

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Pediatric Orthopaedics: Spina Bifida

January 16, 2019

When the spine and spinal cord do not form together properly, spinal abnormalities can occur. Spina bifida is a birth defect that can be classified under the category of neural tube defects. The neural tube, which forms in early pregnancy, is an embryonic structure that develops into a baby’s brain, enclosed by the spinal cord […]

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Pediatric Orthopaedics: Metatarsus Adductus

January 10, 2019

Did you know that metatarsus adductus is more common in firstborn children and occurs in approximately 1 to 2 per 1,000 live births? It is a deformity that causes the foot or the front half of the forefoot to turn inward. So what exactly is metatarsus adductus? For starters, the metatarsus is a group of […]

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Pediatric Orthopaedics: Childhood Neuromuscular Conditions

January 4, 2019

Our pediatric orthopaedic surgeons are trained to treat not only childhood sports injuries and disorders, but a variety of congenital diseases as well. At Campbell Clinic, our surgeons dedicate themselves to ensuring that every child receives the best comprehensive care possible. There are several types of neuromuscular conditions that can be seen in children. Our […]

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