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“We Are Their Servants” | 100 Years of Campbell Clinic Residency with Drs. Beaty, Azar, and Kelly

The Campbell Clinic residency program is celebrating 100 years. Since its founding in 1924, the Campbell Clinic has been at the forefront of orthopaedic treatments and medical advancements. In this episode, we are joined by Chief of Staff Emeritus Dr. James Beaty, current Chief of Staff Dr. Frederick Azar, and current Director of the Residency […]

“Train Like A Pro” with Drew Graham

At Campbell Clinic’s Accel Performance and Wellness Center, athletes and amateurs alike can access high-level training to both improve performance and maintain or increase their health. In this episode, Accel Manager Drew Graham explains why combining orthopaedics and performance is vital for athletes’ health. He also describes some of the training opportunities available at Accel […]

“The Harm Of Early Sports Specialization” with Dr. John Hyden

Whether they’re a weekend warrior or an NBA player, athletes of all levels can access high-quality treatment from the primary care sports medicine team at Campbell Clinic. In this episode, Dr. John Hyden shares his experience with building this team from the ground up and investing in the future of sports medicine. He also discusses […]

“Driving Forward Longevity and Long Term Outcomes” with Dr. Christopher Holland

As the demand for total joint replacement surgeries increases, it’s more important than ever to prioritize education and collaboration. In this episode, joint replacement specialist Dr. Christopher Holland shares his perspective on the past, present, and future of joint replacements and compares orthopaedics in the U.S. and abroad. He also talks about the characteristics that […]

“Bringing Exceptional Care To Orthopaedic Trauma” with Dr. Christopher Cosgrove

As an orthopaedic trauma surgeon in the only Level 1 Trauma Center in a 200-mile radius, Dr. Christopher Cosgrove is reminded every day of just how important his specialty is. In this episode, Dr. Cosgrove talks about the unique experience of working in a trauma center, and he explains how he’s helping to prepare the […]

“Our Task: Taking Shoulder Surgery to Another Level” with Dr. Quin Throckmorton and Dr. Tyler Brolin

Shoulder surgery today looks entirely different than it did 10 or even 20 years ago, and Drs. Quin Throckmorton and Tyler Brolin exemplify what it means to drive innovation forward. In this episode, they explain how shoulder replacements and other procedures have changed since the start of their careers. They also discuss the work they’ve […]

“Your Education Doesn’t Stop When Your Training Ends” with Dr. Joseph Lamplot

Part of an orthopaedic surgeon’s job is to stay committed to learning throughout their career, and Campbell Clinic is an excellent place to do that. In this episode, Dr. Joseph Lamplot discusses the important balance between pursuing new innovations and prioritizing evidence-based treatments that put the patient first. As an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports […]

“The Exchange Of Ideas and Educating The Next Generation” with Dr. Derek Kelly

Campbell Clinic is built on a foundation of putting patients first, and as a leading specialist in pediatric orthopaedics, Dr. Derek Kelly exemplifies that mission every day. In this episode, he shares some of the biggest lessons he’s learned about caring for children and their families, collaborating with a global network of peers, and prioritizing […]

“Innovation: Think Outside The Box” with Dr. Chad Campion

As the only spine surgeon doing endoscopic surgery in Memphis, Dr. Chad Campion understands the value of innovation. In this episode, he shares his perspective on the ingredients that make Campbell Clinic so unique. He also talks about some of the most important things patients need to know about advancements in spine surgery, the benefits […]

“The Impact of Doubling Down On Your Speciality” with Dr. David Richardson

The Campbell Clinic team understands the importance of constantly innovating while also remembering the past. In this episode, we talk with Dr. David Richardson, an orthopaedic surgeon who exemplifies these ideals. Dr. Richardson shares his unique perspective of watching his father work at Campbell Clinic and eventually deciding to follow in his footsteps to specialize […]

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