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What to Expect During Total Joint Replacement Recovery

So you’ve studied the benefits of what a joint replacement can do for your quality of life, but now you’re left wondering: What is total joint replacement recovery going to be like? In the weeks leading up to your total joint replacement procedure, your doctor and medical team will walk you through what to expect […]

Benefits of a Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Decreased mobility, pain and the inability to perform daily tasks can be a frustrating reality for those who experience severe hip pain. When you can’t sleep well at night, walk around the grocery store and go for walks outdoors, your quality of life can suffer. The good news is, total hip replacement surgery has evolved […]

Watch the Total Joint Replacement Digital Seminar

Dealing with hip or knee pain doesn’t have to be a part of your daily life. New developments in orthopaedic technology and research bring many options to get you mobile, active and pain-free. Learn from Dr. Marcus Ford as he provides an educational experience to help you understand how Campbell Clinic can find the best […]

Total Joint Replacement Digital Seminar Hosted by Campbell Clinic

Interested in learning more about joint replacement surgery? Attend our free seminar via Facebook Live on Monday, August 26, for a virtual discussion with Campbell Clinic Total Joint Replacement Surgeon Marcus Ford, M.D. WHEN: August 26, 2019, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. WHERE: Facebook Live INFO:  The goal of joint replacement is to ease pain […]

Total Joint Replacement Procedures Continue to Increase

Hip, knee and other joint replacement procedures are among the most common elective surgeries in the United States. According to a study presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ annual meeting, the average age of patients undergoing hip replacement surgery has declined from over 66 to just under 65, while the average age for […]

How to Manage Knee and Hip Pain Caused by Osteoarthritis with Dr. John Crockarell

Earlier this month, we hosted a total joint replacement seminar at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Collierville, where Campbell Clinic physician Dr. John Crockarell presented on how to manage hip and knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. For those who were unable to attend, we’ve compiled a recap on some of the major questions that were asked during the […]

Outpatient Joint Replacement at Campbell Clinic

If you need total hip replacement, total knee replacement, partial knee replacement or shoulder  replacement, look no further than the outpatient surgery centers at Campbell Clinic. Conveniently located in Germantown and Midtown, our outpatient centers are comfortable, quiet and may provide superior outcomes to the traditional inpatient setting. Arrive in the morning and be home […]

How Scoliosis Forms

Do you remember getting checked for scoliosis in school when you were younger? You probably took the Adam’s Forward Bend Test, where you bent forward at the waist 90 degrees with your arms stretched toward the floor, and your knees remained straight.  What they were looking for in this routine screening was any abnormalities, like […]

Overuse Series Pt. 3: The Shoulder

The shoulder is the most mobile of your joints, so it’s no wonder that shoulder injuries are fairly common. Individuals who engage in sports such as swimming and baseball are prone to overuse shoulder injuries more frequently than other sports, with the arm being used in a constant overhead motion. Shoulder bursitis and tendinitis are […]

Do I have a lower back strain?

Low back pain is caused by soft tissues that support the lower spine, which affect the ligaments, muscles and tendons. These soft tissues hold the body upright, as well as support weight from your upper body. This is what the lower spine depends on for support. Two types of soft tissue injuries can occur in […]

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