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What You Need to Know About Scoliosis Treatment

The spine is made up of a stack of rectangular-shaped building blocks called vertebrae. Normally, when you look at a person’s back, the spine appears straight. However, a spine affected by scoliosis appears curved – giving the appearance that the person is leaning to one side. This sideways curvature of the spine often occurs during […]

Weekly Construction Update: October 28, 2019

WORK PERFORMED THIS WEEK: Continued electrical rough-in on the first and fourth floors.  Continued installing overhead lights and trim-out on first and fourth floors. Continued wiring transformers in electrical rooms.  Continued working on underground site electrical.  Installed light poles. Continued installing plumbing overhead on fourth floor.  Continued installing plumbing fixtures throughout building.  Continued installation of […]

Construction Update: June 10, 2019

WORK PERFORMED THIS WEEK: Finished installing elevator shaft steel and installed mechanical shaft steel. Continued installing in wall and overhead rough-ins on the first – fourth floors. Worked on tying in roof drains, insulating and fire caulking pipes. Installed Med Gas on the third floor. Installed drops and duct in the fourth-floor operating rooms. Installed […]

Campbell Clinic Walk-In Clinics

Suffering from an acute orthopaedic injury but don’t want to bother with a trip to the ER? Campbell Clinic now offers daytime walk-ins at all five locations, and after hours walk-ins at two locations.

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