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Endoscopic Spine Surgery Patient Review

Longtime Campbell Clinic patient, Phil had dealt with back pain for years, treating his herniated discs with injections. This pain affected his ability to sleep and exercise, and negatively impacted his quality of life. After undergoing endoscopic spine surgery Phil received immediate relief and was able to return to exercising, traveling and other activities pain […]

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Patient Reviews

Ashley After years of suffering from lower back and radiating leg pain, Ashley decided to seek help. Before choosing an orthopaedic surgeon, she did her research. Both online reviews and her personal physician recommended Dr. Raymond Gardocki at Campbell Clinic. Before her endoscopic spine surgery, Ashley’s pain level was at a 7, and she couldn’t […]

Endoscopic Spine Surgery

If conservative back treatment options fail, you may find yourself in need of spine surgery. Minimizing the injury to tissue, trauma, and post-operative pain should be a priority for doctors when determining which type of spine surgery is best for a patient’s situation. There have been great strides in spine surgery technology over the years, […]

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