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How to Stay Active with a Knee Injury

Recovering from a knee injury can sometimes be a slow process. It can put a damper on your workout routine especially if your injury resulted from a routine workout or team sport. For those that were active prior to their knee injury, we know how difficult it can be to focus solely on recovery. While […]

Managing Low Back Pain

Did you know that about one in four Americans have experienced low back pain? This means just about everyone will experience back pain at some point in their life. This can happen from lifting something heavy, or can occur from a degenerative condition like arthritis. While back pain can be difficult to deal with, there […]

Recovery: Ice baths and cryotherapy

Consistency and commitment to the little tasks in life really do pay off. The same goes with the small steps to recovery for taking care of your body. Ice baths and cryotherapy help your body to recover and avoid injury, as cold therapy helps the small tears in muscle fibers and soreness from repetitive or […]

IT Band Injuries: How to Treat and Prevent

As a runner or an athlete, you’ve likely experienced pain and swelling on the outside of the knee, making it hard to bend at a 45-degree angle. Iliotibial (IT) band injuries are one of the most common injuries among runners, so whether you’re training for a marathon or occasionally hitting the treadmill, it’s a good […]

Winter Injuries: How to Prevent Them

Winter is the perfect time to go on that ski trip that you’ve been dreaming about, tucked away in the mountains for a week, zipping fast down the slopes for hours on end. As with any seasonal sport and activity, opportunities for injuries increase. While there are several common winter injuries that you need to […]

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