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Hernia Recovery

June 27, 2019

While hernia surgeries have become fairly common, any surgery, no matter how routine, needs to be taken seriously. After undergoing hernia surgery, a common question people ask is, “When can I get back to the gym?” After an operation, many patients can immediately tell a difference in how much better they feel. Although you might […]

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What Getting Enough Sleep Does for Your Body

May 16, 2019

Sleep plays a vital role in your physical health. And getting enough sleep each night protects your body from both mental and physical health problems. We all know what it feels like to wake up energized after getting a full night of rest and equally understand what it feels like to function on a mere […]

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When Do I Start Training for my Marathon?

August 2, 2018

Fall will be here soon, and training season will hit full swing for the marathons that take place in the cooler months. It takes time to properly train for races of this length, and it’s best to know some tips and tricks to make sure you have plenty of time to prepare and recover. Start […]

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Concussions: Treatment and Prevention

July 18, 2018

Did you know that some of the most common sports-related injuries are concussions? Every year, an estimated 1.6 to 3.8 million sports and recreation-related concussions occur in the United States. As you prepare for the school year and sports season to begin, now is a great time to discuss sports-related injuries. What are Concussions? Concussions […]

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Recovery: Ice baths and cryotherapy

April 20, 2018

Consistency and commitment to the little tasks in life really do pay off. The same goes with the small steps to recovery for taking care of your body. Ice baths and cryotherapy help your body to recover and avoid injury, as cold therapy helps the small tears in muscle fibers and soreness from repetitive or […]

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How to Recover After a Race

April 12, 2018

Spring has sprung, making it a good time to go for a run! With all of the race training going on over the next few months, it’s important to know how to properly recover after you’ve pushed your body past the finish line. Keep reading to learn a few ways to bounce back strong after […]

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Inflammation: Is it all bad?

December 7, 2017

We’ve all experienced it before, that uncomfortable, puffy, red swelling that comes with inflammation. But when it begins to interfere with your workout routine or daily habits, it can be a real drawback. It’s important to first understand what exactly causes inflammation and what you can do about it, in order to take the proper […]

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