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Pilates vs. Yoga: What’s the Difference and Why Are They Effective for Cross-Training?

Pilates and yoga are low-impact exercise practices that are commonly utilized for their stretching, toning and strengthening benefits and as part of a cross-training workout program. Pilates and yoga are practiced at a slower pace than weightlifting or other high-intensity strength workouts. Whether you’re a runner, a weightlifter or an avid cycler, Pilates or yoga […]

The Importance of Stretching

We’ve all been there before. You just finished a hard workout at the gym and you’re ready to head home. But before you do that, you pause to consider taking the time to stretch. It seems pointless, but you know you should do it. Instead, you opt to head home and stretch there, which you […]

Becoming Active as a Senior

Before becoming active as a senior, it’s important to talk with your physician to develop a safe fitness and overall wellness program.

Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy is one of the many services provided by Campbell Clinic. Find out more about the services our physical therapists have to offer.

Tips for Staying Healthy Before the Big Race

The St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend is around the corner, so if you’re running in it, you’re most likely a few weeks into your long runs. While training for marathons, it’s important to take care of and listen to your body, as injuries can increase as your mileage does. Here are a few tips to […]

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