Construction Update: April 29, 2019

April 29, 2019


  • Detailed stair no. 2.
  • Installed HVAC curbs on the roof. Installed decking on the east half roof. Tied in-roof drains on the second floor.
  • Shipped/staged/installed screen wall steel.
  • Continued installing electrical overhead and in wall rough-in on the first and third floors. Continued installing wiring up the VAV boxes on the first floor. Continued underground feed for the generator power.
  • Continued layout and installation of VAV duct/boxes on the third floor. Worked on mechanical chases and RTUs.
  • Continued interior wall layout, erection of studs and installation of door frames on the first and third floors. Continued layout of the fourth floor.
  • Continued installing spray foam insulation on exterior wall.
  • Continued fireproofing the west and east half steel.
  • Continued hanging south side precast. Continued shipping and staging precast.
  • Continued caulking between the precast.
  • Continued installation of window frames. Began installation of windows on the fourth floor.


  • The concrete and brick façade currently being installed is composed of 373 individual panels. These are cast at a plant in Ashland City, Tennessee and delivered via trucks to the site.
  • The panels are hoisted using cranes and welded back to the concrete and steel structure, fitting together like a large and heavy jigsaw puzzle. The largest panel weighs approximately 25,000 pounds.

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