Construction Update: February 11, 2019

February 11, 2019


  • Installed deck on the second floor of the west half steel.
  • Continued installing electrical sleeves on the second and third floor deck.
  • Continued installing plumbing sleeves on the second and third floor deck.
  • Continued shipping and staging steel.
  • Continued west half steel erection.
  • Continued pouring anchor bolt diamond blockouts.
  • Prepped and poured the third floor deck.
  • Continued underground storm drainage inlet construction, manhole lid placement and backfill.

Now that the stair tower is in place on the southwest corner of the building, crews will be able to access the third-floor deck. The crews will be laying out walls, so they know where to install sleeves through the floor deck. These sleeves will allow plumbing and electrical lines to run through the floor between levels.

Campbell Clinic Facility Expansion


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