Construction Update: July 15, 2019

July 15, 2019


  • Continued installation of overhead and in-wall rough-ins on the first to the fourth floors.
  • Installed electrical feeders from the first to the fourth floors.
  • Continued working on the installation of permanent power and wiring VAV Boxes.
  • Insulated and fire caulked pipes.
  • Installed Med Gas and third and fourth floors.
  • Installed plumbing in-wall & overhead rough-in on the first through fourth floors.
  • Installed ducts on the fourth floor and tied in the chases.
  • Continued installing the HVAC units on the roof.
  • Continued interior wall layout, erection of studs and installation of door frames on the first through fourth floors.
  • Continued installation of drywall and insulation as well as topping out on the third floor.
  • Continued installation of drywall on the first floor.
  • Installed termination bar and termination bar backing while working on the screen wall.
  • Continued installation of sprinkler pipe on the fourth floor.
  • Continued spray foam insulation on the exterior wall on the fourth floor.
  • Continued caulking between precast and exterior window frames.
  • Continued installing remaining exterior windows and frames.
  • Continued working on retaining wall on the Campbell Clinic Drive.
  • Began erection of front canopy steel.
  • Finished steelwork on the front canopy.
  • Installed hanger for ceiling grid and began hanging ceiling grid on the third floor.
  • Applied the first coat of paint to sheetrock on the third floor.
  • Began installation of the elevator.


  • By the end of the job, there will have been approximately 420,000 square feet of drywall installed throughout the building. This is enough square footage of drywall to cover up the Memphis Redbirds jumbotron almost 117 times.
  • Once the job is complete the framing contractor (Ranger Construction) will have installed approximately 240,000 linear feet of metal framing studs. This is enough to cover just over 45 miles, which will make it around the Shelby Farms Greenline trail about 4.5 times.
  • Roughly 8,000 square feet of glass will be used for the north elevation of this building. This is enough material to cover the basketball court of the Memphis Grizzlies.

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