Construction Update: March 25, 2019

March 25, 2019


  • Continued erection of east half steel.
  • Continued shipping and staging steel.
  • Installed decking on the east half fourth floor and roof.
  • Prepped and poured the east half second and third floor decks.
  • Detailed stair no. 1 to be poured.
  • Laid electrical overhead rough-in on the third floor. Laid out sleeves on the east half third floor deck before the concrete pour.
  • Installed plumbing hangers and pipe on second and third floors. Laid out sleeves on the east half second and third floor deck. Began underground café area work.
  • Continued layout and installation of west half ductwork on the first and third floors.
  • Continued interior wall layout, erection of studs and installation of door frames on the first and third floors. Began layout of the fourth floor.
  • Continued fireproofing steel.
  • Continued hanging south side precast.
  • Shipped and staged precast.
  • Continued caulking between the precast on the west side.
  • Began installation of window frames on the west side.


  • In the first six months of the project, we have performed 270 employee orientations. That means the project has provided jobs for almost 300 workers with only about one-third of the contract value put in place.
  • We will see several hundred more as the finish trades begin work inside the building.

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