Construction Update: March 4, 2019

March 4, 2019


  • Continued erection of east half steel.
  • Continued shipping and staging steel.
  • Finished decking the west half roof.
  • Began decking the east half second and third floor decks.
  • Poured the fourth floor deck.
  • Set and poured stair no. three.
  • Laid out electrical wiring for lights on the first floor.
  • Finished installing plumbing sleeves on the fourth floor deck and began working on cafe underground.
  • Began layout of west half ductwork.
  • Continued interior wall layout.
  • Began fireproofing the west half steel.
  • Mobilized precast crane and began hanging precast.
  • Shipped and staged precast.
  • Continued underground storm drainage inlet construction, manhole lid placement and backfill.


The precast erection process will be beginning within the next week on the southwest corner of the building. A crane will be brought in to pick the panels and set them in place. The panels that are being set are the finished exterior of the building.


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