Weekly Construction Update: September 30, 2019

September 30, 2019


  • Continued electrical rough-in on the first and fourth floors. 
  • Continued installing overhead lights and trim on first and third floors. 
  • Finished installing conduit for pool. 
  • Continued wiring transformers in electrical rooms. 
  • Continued working on underground site electrical.
  • Continued plumbing installation overhead on first and fourth floors. 
  • Continued installing plumbing fixtures.
  • Continued installation of suite arrays. 
  • Continued installing grilles on first and third floors.
  • Continued installation of framing and drywall on the first and fourth floors.
  • Continued finishing hard ceilings on the first floor. 
  • Continued finishing the operation room ceilings. 
  • Continued framing the slam ceilings.
  • Continued hanging ACM panels on the north elevation.
  • Continued installing branch lines on the second floor for the sprinkler system.
  • Worked in the fire pump room. 
  • Dropped sprinkler heads.
  • Continued installing sub-base for the exterior turf field. 
  • Began installation of exterior turf.
  • Continued bringing the site to grade. 
  • Began paving.
  • Installed flooring on the first, third and fourth floors. 
  • Installed wall protection on all floors.
  • Continued installation of north and south elevator.
  • Continued installing wire for the security camera and control systems on all floors.
  • Continued installation of wiring for the exterior doors and interior card readers on first and third floors.
  • Continued painting on first and fourth floors. 
  • Began final paint on the third floor.
  • Continued installation of toilet partitions.
  • Completed installation of rubber flooring system on the first floor. 
  • Began installation of interior turf.
  • Continued installation of interior glass.
  • Continued millwork installation on the first, third and fourth floors.
  • Continued installing Mid-South imaging in the RAD rooms.
  • Continued installing Steris in the operation rooms. 
  • Installed booms in operation rooms.
  • Continued installing site irrigation and plants.


  • With the roof elevation sitting just over 60 feet from ground level, when on the roof one could see about nine miles.
  • The new Campbell Clinic building will not only have patients from all over the world, but also be full of products from all over the world. For example, the tiling that will be at the front entrance on the first floor came from Italy. The nana wall system that will be installed in the sports performance area is being shipped in from Germany.
  • On the entire job, there will be 34,000 pounds of ACM (metal panels on the canopies and balconies) when they’re done installing all the panels. This is the equivalent to them hanging almost six 2019 Ford F-150’s on the canopies and balconies.

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