Ways to Stay Active at Work

January 26, 2018

It can be hard to squeeze in time to go to the gym. Between early morning meetings, late night work events and taking your kids to school, it’s often difficult to find time to work out when life gets busy. Thankfully, with some of our tips and tricks listed below, we have a few ways to help you to stay active  at work.

Consider Sending Documents to the Furthest Printer

Not only will printing documents to the furthest printer from your desk help you to get a few extra steps into your day, but also it will help with the post lunch tiredness that we sometimes experience. Make this a daily habit, and you just might find an extra energy boost for whenever you return back to your desk.

Order a Stand-Up Desk

Stand-up desks are linked to lowering your risk of weight gain and obesity, helping to burn more than 170 additional calories a week. When you think about it, that’s nearly 1,000 extra calories burned (how often?) just by standing a little longer every day. Standing is great for heart health, and it helps to reduce the after-lunch blood sugar spike by 43 percent compared to those who sit.

Drink Water

This seems simple, but it is easier said than done. Make it a priority to get up and fill up your water bottle every day. Not only will this be a good little walk, but also it will help you to feel more energized and can lead to weight loss, as it helps to heed those hunger cues. Setting a reminder on your computer or your phone to drink water is a great way to ensure that you get in your required H20, as it can be an easy thing to forget.

Use Lunchtime to be Active

If you work in a city where there are restaurants or parks nearby, consider walking to those during your lunch hour. You can also incorporate lunges on your walk to get the blood flowing after sitting all morning. Or, you could use this time to go for a run or hit a nearby gym. Just be sure there’s a shower or somewhere to rinse off nearby, so you don’t offend your co-workers!

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