Senior Health and Fitness Day: Exercising as an Older Adult

May 29, 2019

Senior Health and Fitness Day is a nationwide health and fitness event for older adults. Across the country, fitness professionals will be promoting the importance of regular physical activity, and providing education on senior-related exercises that improve health and well-being.

For many older adults, knowing where to start or how to incorporate exercise into a daily routine can be challenging. A few questions you might ask yourself include: Are my bones strong enough for high-impact activities? Is my balance where it needs to be to safely ride a bike? Can my body withstand movements that include running or jumping? How much time per week do I have to spend at the gym? By answering these questions, you can better understand your body and make decisions about what type of exercise you are able to participate in safely.

Before engaging in a new physical activity, it’s important to check in with your doctor. If you are permitted to explore a new fitness routine, here are a few ways to get active.


Getting in the pool is a great way to improve your cardiovascular endurance. Swimming strengthens your muscles without putting strain on your bones or joints. This makes it a great form of exercise for older adults who may live with arthritis or related joint pain. Whether you decide to join a group water aerobics class or plan on swimming solo, you will soon reap the health benefits that swimming provides.  

Bodyweight Training

Working out in a gym doesn’t mean you have to load up on weights. Simple exercises like chair squats, leg lifts and crunches are exercises you can do every day to keep your body strong. For older adults, bodyweight strength training is a great way to burn abdominal fat and tone up your muscles.


Yoga helps improve total mobility, while also building muscle strength and core stability. This low-impact workout is safe for your joints and can counteract daily stress. While it might seem that yoga is mostly focused on stretching and flexibility, you have to support your body’s weight through every posture and pose. Joining a yoga studio is a great way to engage in a social activity and work not only on strengthening your muscles, but your bones as well.

Maintaining your physical fitness as an older adult is important to your overall health and happiness – and not just on Senior Health and Fitness Day. Making time for exercise that works with your lifestyle can improve your mood and give you the endurance to get through each day with plenty of energy.

If you have questions about what level of exercise is appropriate for your age, schedule an appointment with a physician at Campbell Clinic today.


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